Career Day at Piedmont

I had the wonderful honor of addressing the 8th grade students at Piedmont Middle School yesterday for Career Day; to encourage them to be more engaged in their community civics. 

I was impressed at the many different people who took the time to volunteer for the event. Representatives from every field were there to inspire the many career choices that are available. San Jose is uniquely blessed with so many opportunities for our children to explore, so many role models willing to show up, and the teachers who worked hard to bridge these connections.

I was equally as touched by the connections I made yesterday with the adults who were present. It was a chance to discuss how much workplaces have chanced for women with a wonderful lady who has worked in offices for generations and saw the changes first hand; it was an opportunity to discuss local issues with the facility workers for the campus; and a moment to stop and thank some of the teachers who I know have made a positive impact with the students.

Thank you Piedmont for such a excellent day!


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